Author Rights Policy

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Policy Statement

The Faculty of the University of Florida is committed to disseminating the fruits of its research as widely as possible. By this policy, and with the assistance of the University, Faculty can more easily and collectively reserve rights that might otherwise be signed away, often unnecessarily, in agreements with publishers.


The policy applies to all scholarly articles authored by faculty at the University of Florida, except for any articles completed before the adoption of this policy on April 1, 2022, and any articles for which the Faculty member entered into an incompatible licensing or assignment agreement before the adoption of this policy. The George A. Smathers Libraries, under authority delegated by the Office of the Provost, will waive application of the policy for any Faculty member upon request.


Scholarly article: A work created to share the results of research and scholarship, typically with the intention of publishing in a journal or conference proceedings. While many such works undergo peer review, the method of review does not affect application of this policy. The policy does not apply to other works such as books and monographs, book chapters, popular or literary writing, or instructional materials.

Nonexclusive permission: A grant of rights that does not prevent granting those same rights to other parties. Authors may give the University permissions to share in the ways specified in the policy without transferring copyright to the University.

Accepted manuscript version: The final version of a scholarly article manuscript submitted by an author to the publisher before publication, after undergoing review and revision. This version has not undergone publisher formatting.

Nonprofit repository: A website or platform intended for sharing scholarly articles or other materials. A nonprofit repository may be managed by an individual or group of individuals, or by a nonprofit or governmental organization, but not by a for-profit organization.

Waive application of the policy: Faculty may “opt out” of the policy for an individual article or annually for all articles where the policy applies, meaning the University will not receive the nonexclusive permission specified in the policy.

Policy Specifics

Each Faculty member grants to the University of Florida nonexclusive permission to make available scholarly articles authored by the Faculty member and to exercise the copyright in those articles. In legal terms, the permission granted by each Faculty member is a nonexclusive, irrevocable, paid-up, worldwide license to exercise any and all rights under copyright relating to each scholarly article, in any medium, and to authorize others to do the same, provided that the articles are not sold. Upon publication of a scholarly article authored by the Faculty member, the University of Florida automatically grants to the Faculty member the right to disseminate the accepted manuscript version of the article in any nonprofit repository at any time. This policy does not transfer copyright ownership, which remains with Faculty authors under existing University of Florida policy.

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Review and Adjudication

In consultation with the Faculty Senate and the George A. Smathers Libraries, the Office of the Provost will be responsible for interpreting this policy, resolving disputes concerning its interpretation and application, and recommending changes to the Faculty from time to time.

Questions about this policy should be submitted through the Contact form available on the UF Author Rights website

Policy Violations

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