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Learning Community for Digital Archives (March 2021- March 2023)

In 2021, the Dean of University Libraries generously provided funding for twelve people for the Society of American Archivists’ Digital Archives Specialist Certificate. This important professional development opportunity is of strong interest to people working in Digital Partnerships & Strategies (DP&S), Digital Support Services (DSS), and Special & Area Studies Collections (SASC). Additionally, representatives in Library Technology Services (LTS) are interested in learning about aspects of this to further their work, and to connect to their stakeholders. In addition to the twelve funded participants, the full cohort for the Learning Community includes representatives from each of the four departments.

The Learning Community for Digital Archives will share information via:

  • MS Teams group: for sharing information and applicable webinar/recorded course materials
  • Twice annual meetings (total of 4 across the two years)

Expected outputs and outcomes from the Learning Community include:

  • Twelve people earning the Digital Archives Specialist Certificate (changed with departures, will assess maximum possible as part of reporting)
  • Participation and learning by all members of the Learning community
  • Identification of opportunities for cohort members to serve as local experts for training others in the Libraries, with training to be developed in collaboration with the Training Program, including potentially for trainings specific to student workers
  • Greater community knowledge and understanding across fields and departments for the different needs and concerns related to digital archives in all four of the included departments and others

Questions to support discussions at the meetings and in Teams include specific to vision-connecting, including:

  • What training did you take?
  • What are your key takeaways, for your department, for your work with other units?
  • Let’s talk about our vision for the Libraries, your role, and the role of digital archives in that vision?
  • Is this applicable to a training for others more widely in the Libraries? If so, are you interested in being the trainer (or co-trainer)?

For more information, contact Perry Collins.