Publishing Services

LibraryPress@UF is proud to offer a variety of publishing services, primarily in support of open access and digital publishing. Some of the services we offer include:

  • Identification of best platforms/tools
  • Facilitation with technical experts
  • LibraryPress@UF publications
    • Accessibility review
    • Basic graphic design
    • Facilitation of peer review
    • Marketing and cataloging
    • Reporting of usage metrics
    • Preservation planning and implementation

We appreciate that every project is different, and some may require a customized approach to publication. We welcome the opportunity to discuss what support may be available for your work.

Open Access Monographs

The LibraryPress@UF publishes born-digital scholarship, journals, conference proceedings, works in special formats or limited editions (e.g., artists’ books), works that amplify the impact of the Libraries’ collections, and community- or partner-driven scholarship and public humanities outputs. For more information about open access monograph publishing, please visit the LibraryPress@UF website.

Have a project in mind? Please submit a proposal.

Open Access Journals

The George A. Smathers Libraries support over 20 open access journals publishing on Florida Online Journals (Florida OJ), using Open Journal Systems. This software supports editors working through all stages of the editorial process, from submission to publication. OJS allows authors to submit manuscripts, editors to assign peer reviewers, reviewers to submit their reviews, and editors to manage workflows for copyediting, design, and final publication.

Available support services from the LibraryPress@UF to Florida OJ publishing partners include:

  • Editorial workflow consultation
  • Usage statistics
  • Recommended language for editorial policies
  • DOI registration
  • Customized designs for website banners and logos
  • Technical support
  • Training
  • And more!
For more information, please visit our Publishing with Florida OJ LibGuide.

If you are interested in starting a new journal, please fill out our consultation form.

Conference Proceedings

Annual conference proceedings with connection to or a sponsor from the University of Florida are eligible for publication in Florida OJ. For one-time conference proceedings, we are happy to guide you through other options, such as uploading a PDF for preservation to the IR@UF or publishing a book of formal proceedings through Pressbooks.